The time has come! Website development and maintenance can no longer be treated as a sideline for your business. Even for those few hold-outs who say “I’ve made it this long without it, I’ll take my chances”, the time has come to face reality. Your business cannot survive the future without an intelligent web interface.

An intelligent web interface is one that includes content relative to your business or message and has the capability for that content to be found by the search engines and ultimately your target audience. Today’s and tomorrows web interface is your connection to the world. This is not a place to take short cuts.

Proper website development is the first step, and proper maintenance is the next. Tracking your web traffic patterns and the search terms that resulted in traffic are part of an on-going practice necessary to maximize the potential for your website. This is an area that cannot receive too much attention. Daily review of website analytics is optimum. But if you do not have the personnel to accomplish this task, hiring a professional to do a monthly or quarterly analysis and update is an absolute necessity.

Furthermore, the person or persons responsible for handling the company’s website have to be properly trained to react to contacts and requests made as the result of traffic gained. This information is your feedback as to the message your are delivering to the search engines. Everyone’s goal is to generate traffic that results in sales. There is no magic involved, just diligence and an understanding of the process.