Website Plans & Pricing


Just getting started? Got a limited budget?  The ZDM Business Basic is a perfect place to begin. With Basic, you get a scalable website with the necessary pages to establish a web presence. Basic comes with hosting, maintenance, support, malware protection services, and training. We’ll give you control of a fully functioning website you can manage, and we’ll train you to use it. You can maintain as much or as little control of the site as is comfortable for you and we’ll be happy to do the rest. The great news…this site really is completely scalable. When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, all the tools are included to do that with minimal costs.

Basic pricing begins at $1200.00 and $450 per year* for the basic management package.

*All software updates and maintenance are an additional charge with the Basic management package.


The  ZDM Business Pro Package (still in our starter series) offers clients a few more options over the Basic model. Pro has the tools for those who are ready to dive a little deeper into digital marketing and begin creating site content to make their site relevant and unique. You’ll have the ability to grab and maintain the attention of visitors. Like all ZDM web packages it comes with hosting, maintenance, malware protection services, and all the training you need to take control and begin digital journey. This site is completely scalable. As you become more comfortable and need to add features, Pro has all the tools ready for activation.

The Pro pricing begins at $3650.00 and $1200.00 per year for the premium management package.
The Boost Website Package from Zeus Digital Marketing



The ZDM Business Premium package is for the business manager who is ready to take on content creation and SEO to create a dynamic business tool. Along with all the pages included in the Basic, and Pro packages, Premium adds a blog, or news feed feature and associated training. This tool and the associated SEO tools and training will maximize your ability to gain traffic through content creation and engagement with your targeted audience. With regular posting, users will learn the art of optimization for search, and will be able to effectively drive traffic to their business. Understanding how traffic is obtained and having the ability to analyze search results is a necessary skill set for today’s business managers. It is as important as answering the telephone.

The Premium pricing starts at $6350.00 and $1200.00 per year for premium management.




Custom website pricing is based upon the amount of work necessary to update, migrate, and / or optimize content. We’re happy to offer a free consultation and quote to help you make the right decision.



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Your Business Can’t Meet Its Potential Without an Up-To-Date Web Presence

In today’s digitally geared world, businesses can’t meet its potential without a web presence. And any website that is more than 2 years old is most likely obsolete. We’re headed toward an era where 90% of all web visitors will do so on a smart phone, or other mobile device. Are you prepared? Are you in control of your digital footprint? We make it affordable to get started.

At Zeus Digital Marketing, our website design approach is geared toward small business and those who would like to have more control of their website and its content. All our websites are responsive to all devices, and not only look amazing, they work! We offer a website package to fit every budget and all needs. Often the challenge is to fit the need into the budget. We realize the financial pressures today’s business owners face and provide completely scalable  solutions that allow clients to take the most important step in owning a website…to start.

Our unique approach includes all the training you will need to manage your new website. We provide hosting, maintenance, and support as well. We make owning a website a cinch to get started and simple to maintain.

Website Plans and Pricing

We like to think of web development in simplified terms. Your website serves two basic purposes:

1. It houses your business information and is therefore a place to send those who need information about your business and / or to contact you.

2. It serves as a tool to drive traffic to your business.

With number 1 being the most basic of needs, that’s the most important place to begin with number 2 being the ultimate goal. Driving traffic involves creating regular content and search optimization. We make scaling from one level to the next completely seamless, providing the necessary training along the way..

Zeus Digital Marketing Website Plans and Pricing offer every business, charity, or individual an affordable entry into the digital world with the ability to scale as needed. All of our websites are built on the latest responsive technology and are created with Conversion Centered Design(CCD). Our sites are all scalable to meet business growth needs and user comfort and come with training, hosting, maintenance, and support. Pricing levels take into consideration the amount of training required for each package level.

E Commerce Plans and Pricing

Our web platform includes the ability to add ECommerce functionality at any level. Since ECommerce needs vary greatly between business types, we quote  them separately. All ECommerce applications feature the ability to create optimized content for greater search visibility.

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