Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In Myrtle Beach

Zeus Digital Marketing specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Myrtle Beach clients. Being found in search is perhaps the most important objective for having a website. Of course, we want to list the services, introduce the team, and let folks know where the business is located andĀ  the area it serves, but first we must be found. Some people in our business sell SEO as is it is some sort of mystical power they impale upon your website. Not so…it is just common sense, a knowledge of how search engines work, and the necessary work (content writing) required to achieve the result.

Direct Search

The first goal in SEO is to be found for your business name. That may seem like a given, but it is not. We’ve come across many clients who suffer from this very basic need. Most of the issues we address are things we could have fixed from the get go, had we been involved. But, never fear, we can usually make sure this very basic issue is resolved quickly.

Organic Search

Organic search means having your business found by way of the content and the manner in which it is presented on your website. This is critically important. Each website we develop is designed from the bottom up to satisfy organic search goals. The content that is written on the pages and the inclusion of keywords and phrases is directly responsible for being found organically.

Paid Search

In a very literal sense, paid search isn’t really SEO. We include the service and explanation under Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM and SEO are similar in that they are both designed to help the client be found in search. SEO does it organically as explained above. Paid search, often called Pay-Per-click (PPC) results are achieved by the process of paying for search results. SEO is often considered to be a sub-category under SEM.