The Basics

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new on this topic. Too long! While writing content for your website is certainly part of any “Website Basics” discussion, we’re going to go even more basic to start this article. Regardless of all other authoritative positions we may wish for our websites to hold, we should begin with “Who We Are” and “What We Do”…and for those looking to attract local traffic, we have to include “Where” We Do…Whatever We do.

Who We Are

Let’s simplify this. Let’s assume an interested consumer knows who you are and  this person knows the name of your company. He or she may have passed your business on the road. Someone may have given him or her your name. The consumer wants to find you on the web to see your services, hours of operation, address, phone number, or anything else about your company. Your website should rank highly for the name of your company. In my opinion, this is the most important website basic. That’s why I am covering it first. You may have been told by some of the so-called “SEO experts” that Google’s algorithm does not improve rank for domain matching….meaning having your domain match the name of your company does not improve page rank. While this may be true, a little common sense analysis should reveal the importance of domain matching. I will argue the ranking point in a future blog.

Here’s a classic example (names and domains changed for privacy): A friend of mine (Laura) came to me for help marketing her boutique. The  name of her boutique is Silk & Lace Boutique. Her website domain is SLBoutique.something.  Her boutique does not come up in search for the name of her company and anyone who does not have her SLBoutique domain will have a hard time finding her in search. Expecting to be found in the first 10 pages of Google for a generic term like “boutique” is not realistic in most cases. There are ways to work around this issue when changing the existing domain is not an option, but most situations end up in missed opportunities. As I have stated many times in my career…a very high percentage of the the work I do for clients could have been avoided if they had asked for advice before making domain and even company name decisions. In “Laura’s” case changing the domain is not a big issue. The domain she needs is available, and her website has a very limited footprint and is performing poorly. Making the change now will shortly improve her performance. Side note: She actually owned the proper domain at one time, but gave it up for the “shorter” version because a “so-called” SEO expert advised the shorter domain was easier for folks to remember. Hmmmm. Brings me to another of my favorite reminders….beware of those “so-called SEO experts”…especially those who call you and pretend they work for Google. Google will not call you and offer SEO advice.

What We Do – Where We Do It

A solid number two in website basics has to include being found for “what we do”. Example: If the person making the search query does not know the name of your business or any other business related to their needs, they will search for the services and/or products they need. A person who wishes to buy locally, such as heating and air conditioning service will search for those services geographically (in their area). So, it’s a good idea to include what you do in some key areas on your website. The best place to start might be your tagline. Example: Joes Heating & Cooling might include “Heating and air Conditioning Service In (insert hometown here)”.  There should be a solid list of at least ten (for starters) different things you do in your business for which you have created a page dedicated to that product or service. Make each page the “authority” for that particular search term. Be realistic. If the search term for Joes Heating and Cooling is “Air Handler Replacement”, that page and (and url)  should be lengthened to include your area (geographically)…”Air Handler Replacement In (Insert hometown here). Why? It is a tall order to be found for generic terms that company’s like yours are using all across the country.

When Geography Is Not A Factor

The more general the audience and product, the tougher it becomes to be found for “What We Do”. For example, if your company is selling products online, and you are set up to ship anywhere, geographically stated search terms aren’t so beneficial. It’s always good to have someone like Zeus Digital do a key word / search term analysis for your company’s products and/or services. This type of analysis can reveal the competitive challenge you may face. It is better to do this analysis before you begin your business, but it’s  never too late. Often, we look for search terms that are not over-used. These may not be your preferred terms, but offer a better traffic conversion than the most popular terms….that all your competition are using. Bottom line….it’s better to be found for something than nothing.

Website Traffic

Although this article is about the basics mentioned above, we need to mention the power of traffic in overcoming some of the obstacles you may face. Website traffic is earned both organically through properly written content and forced by way for advertising for traffic. Social media ads linked to your website pages are a great way to overcome the lack of organic benefits by driving traffic to your website. If your products are shoes, for example, and there are hundreds or thousands of online outlets selling the same type of shoes, your challenge to be found organically is very tough. Increasing traffic can improve your website rankings and therefore improve your organic results. There’s a double benefit to running those ads linked to your website pages. NEVER miss an opportunity to send some traffic to your site.

I hope this helps. Let us know if we can be of assistance in any way. Contact us HERE for a FREE consultation.