Website Basics Explained

Website Basics

We often mention that websites have two basic purposes. A website serves a place of reference….a place to send folks for information, and it can serve as a catalyst for generating traffic. This is an obvious simplification, but helps folks understand what to expect from each purpose based on their budget. The most basic web designs include Home, About, and Contact pages along with a Privacy statement page. This basic configuration will do little for generating traffic, but is a necessity step for most any business. Using a website domain on business cards, letterhead, and in advertisements not only provides a road map to your brand and message, it adds legitimacy to your message. Basic website rental programs can be the most affordable start-up solution.

Getting The Most From Your Website

Adding content to your website in the form of pages about specific products or services along with a news feature or blog is the first step to generating traffic. The search engines will index properly prepared content to appear in searches for relative terms. The process of properly preparing content for search is called optimization, often referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  There’s no magic to this process, it’s work that someone has to do. To get the best results this needs to be an ongoing and regular process. In many cases our clients, with our training, can do this work effectively. In some cases we provide the service as part of a website rental program. IN any case, we can provide the infrastructure.


Getting a website up and indexed with compelling content can bring traffic to the website. The obvious general goal is conversion. This often includes a series of steps guiding your prospective client to the ultimate conversion….sales. Conversion strategies are part of advanced web design whether it involves creating landing pages for advertising, or directing visitors to compelling content. Conversion strategy can be included in your website rental program.


There’s no medium more powerful and compelling in the digital world than video. Utilizing video on your website can be an effective tool. The challenge with video relates back to optimization. In a stand-alone situation, video has very little opportunity for optimization. The written content about and around the video has to be carefully crafted to maximize traffic potential. In certain geographical areas we can provide video production as part of you website rental program. In any case we can provide or provide help with optimization.