OTT & CTV Network wingding™ TV

We’re very excited to announce the long-awaited roll out of wingding™, an OTT and CTV Network. “It seems like we’ve been working on this forever,” said Jeff Gilder, Executive Producer for wingding™ TV and Zeus Digital founder. “it only seems that way because we’ve known for at least 10 years we wanted to do something like this. We just didn’t know what the end result would be up until about 2 years ago. The circumstances surrounding cable television… with cord-cutters leaving in droves and moving to streaming platforms… the roadmap for wingding™ TV took shape.”

Unmatched Distribution

The content on wingding™ will be distributed via ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Facebook, YouTube, and Chromecast along with an app in both Google Play and Apple App Stores. ROKU has been steadily growing for the past decade reaching over 55 million active monthly subscribers. Amazon Fire TV has surged recently to over 50 million subscribers with Apple TV reporting 40 million subscribers. There are 2.4 billion Android phones in use and over 1 billion iPhones. This type if distribution rivals any major network with no end in sight as more and more cord cutters enter the streaming market.


The network is wide open when it comes to content categories. Sports, religion, travel, cooking, politics, paranormal, business, and a slew of other possibilities opens the door to a growing number of content creators who need this type of distribution for their content. “Think of wingding™ as being a smaller, more accessible (for creators) Netflix-type of platform for folks like us, who may never get our content on the top-level streaming platforms,” remarks Gilder. “We’d be happy being looked upon as a stepping stone for great content creators to be noticed. As a company, we’ve created content for a variety of platforms including NBC Sports. wingding™ is a superior option to cable television network distribution with a fraction of the effort.”


The biggest challenge for most OTT platforms is traffic. Having been dedicated (since 2008) to search engine marketing, SEO, and leveraging social media for traffic, Zeus Digital has a distinct advantage.  “The pressure to get this thing launched was immense,” says Gilder. “That pressure is nothing compared to that of being live, thin on content, and knowing folks are finding us. The first weekend after launch I realized consumers could watch all our shows in a few days. The search is on! Creators, reach out! We need our awesome content!”


On March 1, 2022 we expanded our reach by introducing the wingding™ WebApp. The WebApp, that launches form, allows wingding™ content to be accessed from nearly 10 billion internet connected devices via all  major browsers. During the same week we began publishing to iTunes (video and audio), Spotify, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, and Google Podcast. These additions expanded our reach to over 5 billion users on nearly 15 billion devices.


To learn more about wingding™ TV visit the website at Be sure to download the app or search for it on your smart TV.