Carolina beach music, or just “beach music”  has roots that can be traced back into the 1940s. Some observers refer to it as a lifestyle rather than a specific music genre. The music actually includes tunes from more familiar genres such as Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Southern Soul and has been heard in the pavilions and beach clubs along the beaches of North Carolina and South Carolina for at least six decades. Carolina beach music includes many of the tunes preferred by those involved in the shag dance.

ZDM’s has been deeply involved in this “lifestyle” since the launch of the Shag City Digital Entertainment Network that includes, Shag City Radio, Shag City TV, and their social network, Shag City USA. Documenting the history of Carolina beach music has been an interest of ZDM’s founder, Jeff Gilder for some time. Upon acquiring the domain he, his son, Dustin, and Bo “the web guy” Gilbert began planning the launch of Carolina Beach Music “History of a Lifestyle’.

Visit Carolina Beach Music-History of a Lifestyle

The new site takes the form of a documentary blog chronologically listing important dates through the history of Carolina beach music. Anyone can contribute by commenting on existing posts or by contacting ZDM through the contact form on the blog site. The dates songs were released and charted will be a huge part of the documentary, but other important dates such as the formation of a band, the opening of a venue, and other important changes affecting the lifestyle will  populate the site.

Carolina Beach Music-History of a Lifestyle officially launches Tuesday September 4, 2012. Commemorating the launch, Shag City Radio, known for playing and extensive collection of shag music, will be airing a new show called “Yesterday’s Tuesday” playing top songs from a different year each hour. The songs will be taken from the Carolina Beach Music timeline. Yesterday’s Tuesday will be hosted (or Dj’d) by Shag City USA’s Producer Big D.