What is MVR (Marketing Value Return)?

MVR is a form of ROI (Return on Investment) in that it is an actual account of the marketing value produced from a specific marketing investment. MVR is most often used to determine the value of  comprehensive web media campaigns. For example: If My company spends $15,000.00 dollars on a marketing program and the tools used to spread my message produced 2,000,000 impressions of my message, the MVR at  a $15/CPM (fill in with the appropriate factors) is $30,000.00 compared to my investment of $15,000.00.

Most marketing campaigns can only control a portion of the total ROI factor. They cannot, in most cases, control how a company handles the branding impressions and traffic they generate to that company’s website.  How a company turns branding and web traffic into sales is perhaps the most important part of the ROI equation. Too often clients measure marketing effectiveness solely by ROI. In many cases clients are not taking enough responsibility for overall ROI. Both sides of the web interface have to be evaluated for a complete ROI analysis. MVR is the measurement of effective digital media marketing.

Measuring the effectiveness of a marketing effort is critical. MVR is easily measured in real-time. This real-time analysis can give immediate feedback as to which tools are working most effectively and gives marketers the flexibility to make changes that gain the most impact for their clients.