Search for the future. This digital era through which we have entered seems to be creating conflicts with  traditional logic (often and) previously employed when determining the best place to deliver any given message. While many forms of media still prove to be effective for delivering a variety of messages, many are quickly waning and one is clearly already on top and will remain there for the future. The best place to deliver and to have a message found is on the search engines.

Every time we hear the numbers of those who search (anything) before they make decisions, the numbers are significantly higher. Regardless of whose numbers referenced, somewhere between 70% and 85% of of those with internet access search before they buy, rent, travel, play, or watch. Yes, I said watch. Even television programming now has to be found on the internet. It’s actually easier to search the web than to use a channel guide, especially now that many television sets are connected to the internet. Think about that. Television, one of the most effective means for delivering a message, has to be found in the same manor as any other business entity.

Still, many businesses are slow to grasp the situation with which they are faced. It is hard to believe that some businesses still either do not have a web presence, or have a less than adequate web presence. It is a proven fact that businesses that have well-functioning websites grow at a much greater rate (as much as 40% according to some) than those who do not. Why? Search! It is that simple. So, why doesn’t everyone adopt this new methodology for being found?

As I stated earlier, many traditional methods still produce results. Search marketing results are often less tangible than other methods. We, often describe the the process of creating a search marketing strategy to our clients as increasing their footprint on the web. Search strategies are most often (but not always)  processes that take time to develop results. The longer a business waits to implement search strategies,  the larger the footprint and the stronger the foothold becomes for their competitors who have become early adopters.

Businesses of today and tomorrow must become web-savvy and not only have a well-functioning website, they have to understand what is required for them to be found on the search engines. If you have questions about your business and how search strategies may be beneficial, reach out to us through our Zeus Digital Marketing contact form HERE. Search for the future!