flipping-blingFlipping Bling™

We’ve seen a significant increase in eCommerce websites since the COVID 19 pandemic. As much as I have grown to dislike the reference, let’s face it, this occurrence impacted the world with changes that will be long-lasting. The development of Flipping Bling™ began well before the pandemic and launched April 1, 2021 just over a year after it began. This company began as an eCommerce concept with zero intent for retail distribution. It fit perfectly in our wheelhouse, and we’ve been excited about the impending launch for months.


Kay Van Hoesen

The Creator

Flipping Bling™ is the brainchild of Kay Van Hoesen, a real estate appraiser in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kay took a simple idea and created a very impressive business concept. The best business models solve a problem. Kay did not like the way her feet (primarily her toes) looked in her flip flops and made the first prototype to cover her toes. Like most South Carolinians, she loves her flip flops. Myrtle Beach fosters a very casual business and tourist environment, and the compliments she received from her home made blinged out flops set her on a path to research the possibilities. That process took over three years from concept to launch.

The Product Line and Shop

Flipping Bling™ consists of dozens of bling designs that attach to your flip flops by way of her  Bling Maker™, a patent pending hook and loop device. The website launched with an initial seventeen Flipping Bling™ designs with dozens more in process. We chose (as usual) a WordPress platform using the Divi (my favorite) theme and WooCommerce. The site uses Square for the gateway.


Marketing Flipping Bling™

As of this writing we’re in the beginning stages of marketing Flipping Bling™. We have chosen Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the primary social platforms. There’s a YouTube channel that is used primarily for hosting video….we do not expect much traction there. Like, our most successful campaigns, we are creating video ads and promoting them on Facebook and Instagram. We are looking for influencers and bloggers in the fashion and shoe space to help with increased exposure.

Let us know if you need help with your eCommerce platform. Whether you’re starting a new business or “pivoting” from retail to to the web due to changing times, we can help. We can help design your website, create video ads, and market your products and/ or services to your audience.  Don’t have an audience….we can create that for you as well. Contact Us HERE for a free consultation.