Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, and AdvertisingContent Marketing, Brand Journalism, and Advertising ?

Be sure you understand the differences among Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, and Advertising. While there are similarities among these three tools, there are distinct differences. Knowing when, where, and how to utilize each is critical.

Content Marketing

Content marketing (for the purpose of this comparison) is the process of strategically creating relevant and optimized content for the designed to drive and retain website traffic. One could argue there is content marketing involved in each of the three tools being discussed herein, and that is somewhat true. While Brand Journalism and Advertising on the web may require a certain element of content marketing, each have distinguishing differences.

Brand Journalism

Perhaps the most misunderstood of the three tools being discussed in this article is Brand Journalism. Press releases fall into this category. Many press releases fail to gain their ultimate potential by not following basic journalistic guidelines. Journalism should be factual, and neutral in tone. Fluff has no place in brand journalism. We’ll leave the fluff to advertising….where one might expect such. Good brand journalism is concise and to the point. When utilizing this tool in writing, be efficient with the amount of wording used to make the point or message.


Here is where one can compare to the competition, state claims and give opinions. Obviously we should refrain from any sort of false advertisement, but the guidelines here are the most forgiving of the three tools being discussed.  Advertising isn’t help to the the same rigorous standard as brand journalism.

Have A Plan

In any online marketing campaign it is important to have a plan and a strategy for carrying out the plan. There should be goals and metrics in place to measure success. In may cases it is a good idea to employ all three of the tools…content marketing, brand journalism, and advertising to create a well-rounded marketing campaign. Just be sure to not confuse them, and to stay within the expected guidelines. Visit httpssss:// and httpssss:// for your online media and distribution needs.