In mid-2012, Zeus Digital created the prototype of a golf social media for the global golf market concept called The Golf Director. The idea behind the concept was to create a digital network around a golf social network to promote amateur golf. Connecting with golfers and elevating golfers likes, concerns, and dislikes about how the game is played today is at the forefront of The Golf Director’s goals with the network.

The concept met with mixed reviews in the Myrtle Beach, SC area…home base for Zeus Digital Marketing and coincidentally “The Seaside Golf Capital of the World”. That not everyone in Myrtle Beach would praise the idea was not a surprise to the creators. Myrtle Beach is probably the most progressive golf market in the world and “seeing” the need for something new is always a challenge for those who feel like they have a handle things.

Believing there was certainly a need for something new and different in the golf marketing arena, the Zeus team plowed ahead with the program launching the first phase (the social network) of the project in early January 2013. The social notwork, or Community, as it is tabbed is the core of the network. With features like a tournament calendar, photo and video galleries, discussion forums, member blogs, live chat, member profiles, course listings, and featured course information, the Community is the hub where golfers connect.

The second phase, The TGD Golf Talk Radio channel, was rolled out in late February after a couple of pilot shows. The radio channel hit some very early big numbers during The Master’s Championship coverage by the channel’s host, George Honeycutt. Honeycutt utilized some of the local golf pros as co-hosts and produced some amazing results for a new channel. The radio platform allows for live airing and replay setting up a 24 / 7 format. All episodes are added to the channels On-Demand Podcast Library with an accompanying text synopsis of the shows content.

The third phase in the development of the network involved creating a platform to highlight specific golf destinations. A natural first, Myrtle Beach became the original destination to occupy a spot under “Destinations” tab. The network uses this Myrtle Beach golf blog to feature local news and information surrounding the courses, restaurants, and resorts. New golf destinations are in the works, but creators are very comfortable perfecting their platform in the Myrtle Beach golf market.

In late June 2013 The Golf Director added TGD TV a web-based Video On-Demand platform to enhance course reviews, the TGD Course Breakdown, and an assortment of video production plans in the works. Veteran producer and actor, Mitch Laurence recently joined the team as part of the TGD TV roll out.

Perhaps the most exciting step in the development of the network has been the partnership with GolfSwitch. GolfSwitch is an industry leader in golf technology and tools and gives visitors to the ability to book Tee Times globally. There’s more news coming relative to this phase, but we’ll leave that for a future article.

Wrapping up the basic development of The Golf Director network includes a website upgrade and redesign to better organize the growing mounds of content being created by the production team. Out front at is a new website featuring the activities contained within the network.

Now that the basic framework of the network is complete, the production team is busy looking for new content. Several new radio and On-Demand TV shows are being planned as of this writing. The Golf Director is on it s way to carving out it’s spot in the global golf market.