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506 10th Avenue South North Myrtle Beach, SC

Those wishing to sell North Myrtle Beach Real Estate just received an additional option with the retooling and and relaunch of Zeus TV is a division of Zeus Digital Marketing that is located in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

The (Zeus TV) division and the website  were originally conceived in 2010 offering an optimized video marketing solution for a variety of business categories. We struggled finding the (then) early adopters to give digital / video marketing the fair chance we felt it deserved. a The concept was shelved in 2011 to allow time and resources to be devoted to another priority.

We tested the waters with Zeus TV in Orlando in January at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show where we produce several golf related videos for the Sports category. Those videos immediately ranked well in google search and have retained their favorable positions. The next opportunity to test the waters came with a real estate client in our town, who wanted to attempt to sell his home without the help of an agent. He looked at our program and we had our first North Myrtle Beach real estate client!

The Zeus TV video marketing solution is not confined to any specific geographic area. Each professionally produced video is accompanied by an optimized (for search) article that is specifically written to accomplish ranking for the best selection of search terms related to that product or service. The current categories include, Sports, Entertainment, Automotive, Real Estate, Travel & Lodging, Retail, and Food. We’re very fortunate to be located in a tourist destination where search marketing has (finally) been realized a necessary consideration. Let’s face it…most folks search where they are going, and what they plan to do before leaving home, even if it is just going out to dinner for the evening.

Research has indicated that watching one minute of video has the same impact as reading 1.8 million words of text. The time has come for this product offering, and Zeus TV is poised to take advantage with the latest professional equipment and digital marketing skills. To see what we’re doing with out first North Myrtle Beach Real Estate listing, go to httpssss://

If you would like more information about Zeus TV, contact us HERE. The categories do not have to be confined by those mentioned above. We’re open to marketing most anything! Visit