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Looking for a Myrtle Beach web design specialist? You’ve found us! Living and working in paradise has too many advantages to mention in this blog post. We’d just make those who do not live and work here jealous, anyway.  So, we’ll make this about our proudest accomplishments.  We are very proud to be helping folks here in Myrtle Beach take control of their websites and, consequently, their digital footprint.

put-your-website-to-workHere It Comes -The Wheelbarrow Analogy

Many of our clients find us after becoming frustrated with the lack of control over their website(s). We often hear that requested changes take too long to turn around, are expensive, and often do not show any results. Sound familiar? That’s a recipe for backward progression. Websites are a tool that have to be “utilized” to get results. Just like the wheelbarrow and shovel you purchased at the local hardware store to move that pile of dirt in the back yard. Let’s say you go out and buy the nicest wheelbarrow in the store (the one with the inflatable tire and ball bearings in the axle) and a very nice round-pointed shovel (with a fiberglass handle) and take them out to the dirt pile and park them. Then, what happens? Right! Absolutely nothing unless you put them to work. Websites work exactly the same way. Unless you are actively putting them to work, they do very little toward improving your traffic.

It’s Just Work – Somebody Has To Do It

We teach our clients how to use their Websites. To make this as pain-free as possible, we teach them for free. Each of our website packages are extremely user-friendly and they all come with unlimited training and support. We know you’ll be much more likely to engage your website if you’re conformable making changes. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck or breaking the site either. We’re always there to help when needed without the extra charges you’ll see from our competitors.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

If you’re actively using your website and integrating it with social media (we teach that, too) your brand will quickly become noticeable to your prospective clients. It will stand out among your competitors. We’ll take you thorough every step of the process and show you how to analyze the results of your efforts. Ready to take control? Contact us for a free consultation.


Take Control

Take the first step in having your business seen on the web!