Zeus Digital Marketing rolls out The Golf Director Network to promote Myrtle Beach Golf. Consisting of a social network, a Golf Talk Radio channel, and web TV, The Golf Director is completely digital.

With Myrtle Beach Golf as it’s focus, The Golf Director has plenty of potential content. The Myrtle Beach area golf industry became saturated, as did many areas in the United States. As the result over the past few years several courses have closed easing some of the competitive pressures, but a change in marketing technology brought on by digital influence has created new challenges for those in the golf marketing business. The focus is gradually being shifted to online marketing and reaching golfers before they plan their golf vacations. With most travelers deciding where they will  sleep, dine, be entertained, and shop before leaving home, gaining their attention and engaging them before and during the planning stages of their vacation is priority number one.

Zeus Digital introduced a “conceptual version” of The Golf Director in mid 2012 to gauge  potential interest in its unique platform. There were mixed reviews  Some felt there wasn’t a need for such a platform in the Myrtle Beach Golf market. Encouraged by other’s comments this concept could prove to be valuable to Myrtle Beach Golf, the company   “officially” launched in January with an engaging Golf Talk Radio platform as its central focus. The response had been overwhelming.

Reaching 112 countries in the first 3 months, The Golf Director Radio served nearly 100,000 listening sessions to thousands of unique listeners proving there is significant global interest in Myrtle Beach golf and The Golf Director’s unique platform has the unmatched ability to reach them. The programming of the channel has proven to be spot on. Mixing some national headlines with the bulk of the message relating to Myrtle Beach business and Myrtle Beach Golf has proven to be a good combination.

The Zeus Digital team learned quickly the value of including national news during the week of The Masters golf tournament when their social media interaction created a growth spurt of over 400%  that week.  That kind of immediate growth does not come without challenges. The team had to constantly allocate additional bandwidth to the network to keep listening slots available to those finding the network.

The Golf Director has plans to roll its first web TV series during the summer of 2013. The digital era is here and Zeus Digital Marketing was right on time with the introduction of  The Golf Director. This efforts proves as well the importance of follow through regardless of negative opinions. If I could share just one piece of advice to young entrepreneurs  it is to follow your instincts. You’ll make your share of mistakes, but from those will come the knowledge and wisdom to further your dreams.