Digital marketing has become the new frontier where competitive battles are fought, and Himmelsbach Communications armed themselves suitably when they recently rolled out the Myrtle Beach Golf App. As businesses of every type struggle to filter out the noise and try to understand where and how they need to be found digitally, early adopters certainly have an advantage. It’s not that easy, though. How much resource does one apply to social media, search marketing, pay per click, and other digital options? The solutions seem fuzzy to many, but those who find their niche will definitely have an edge when the fog clears. In our opinion, Himmelsbach Communications identified the target, selected the right weapon, and hit the bulls eye with the Myrtle Beach Golf App.

Myrtle Beach, SC has managed to establish itself as the Golf Mecca of the world over the past decade or so. But, in an era when golf course construction (nationally) outran demand, things aren’t so rosy for many (I would say most) golf course owners. Competition for golfers is intense, and in our opinion (here at ZDM), the golf market in Myrtle Beach has, at best, lagged in its collective efforts to embrace digital marketing. Relying on tried and true email campaigns, courses and package provides have “over-fished” the pool, (again our opinion) without enough focus on finding new golfers. Many have, over the years, come to rely on cooperative marketing efforts to drive rounds. While those ideas appear sound on the surface, if the dollars committed to the effort are not spent effectively, everyone looses.

Being completely dedicated to helping our clients find the right digital solutions for their business, we understand the confusion faced by most. As we have stated in previous articles, solutions vary depending upon the business, their current digital footprint, and competitive environment. The first basic step toward preparing for digital battle is a properly designed and optimized website, followed by regular content management. Most any website that is more than 2 years old, probably needs and overhaul. The steps that follow that basic preparation are where the challenges lie. We’ll leave that discussion for a later article and get back to Himmelsbach’s new app.

Himmelsbach Communications has positioned themselves as a leader in the Myrtle Beach Golf industry for over 3 decades. With their magazines, “On The Green” and “On The Beach”, and their TV Show “On The Green”, they’ve became the “go-to” place for Myrtle Beach Golf and tourism information. Answering the question of how to re-vitalize and possibly re-invent their position as leaders, the company rolled out the Myrtle Beach Golf App at just the right time in our opinion. As smart device usage increases monthly, and users warm up to downloading apps of all kinds, an all-inclusive Myrtle Beach Golf App seems like just the right ticket. Users can book tee times, and find information about the area’s accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife from one single source. We think Himmelsbach Communications may have just created the most effective change in the history of Myrtle Beach Golf. To read more on this subject CLICK HERE. For more information and to downlad the app go to httpssss://