A while back we announced the addition of TheGolfDirector.com (TGD) and golf radio for Myrtle Beach golf to the Zeus Digital family of Social Radio Networks. We thought now would be a great time to give you an update of what is happening at TGD.

The Golf Director community (golf social network) is the heart of of the network and was rolled out first. First, in a trial mode in 2012 to get local feedback, then in it’s final form in early January 2013. The team began radio programming for TGD Radio in late January and by the end of February had several shows in the can.

By mid-March TGD Radio was churning out some impressive content and listener numbers were steadily on the rise. What happened in Mid-April was nothing short of amazing! The global interest in The Masters tournament in Augusta and TGD Radio’s casual coverage created some astonishing and completely unexpected results. The radio channel exploded with listeners tuning in from around the world. The network had to triple data transfer bandwidth allocations (internet radio jargon) over a period of two weeks to accommodate increased listener slots. It was not at all unexpected they would find us, that they found us so quickly was a surprise.

These results are directly related to what we at Zeus Digital have been telling our clients for the past few years. Nothing can compete with great, relative content on your website. TGD’s practice of providing an accompanying text version of each radio broadcast to it’s podcast archive created the search terms necessary to allow prospective listeners to find the channel. Then through the viral interactivity that followed, the channel became a very popular destination for those searching for golf information and specifically golf talk radio.

While Myrtle Beach golf information is the (current) primary focus of TGD, the interest in trending national and global golf news cannot be ignored. That bit of early feedback has lead the broadcast team to include coverage of the U.S. Open and other major championships to the program package. Let’s face it, if you’re a golfer who plays or plans to play in Myrtle Beach, you’re probably interested in the PGA happenings as well.

If you’re interested in boosting the delivery and distribution of your message to the internet, contact us here at Zeus Digital. We have a variety of programs designed to do just that.

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