Zeus Digital Marketing (ZDM) has grown to become a full service digital communications company through sharing the knowledge gained managing the ZDM “in-house” brands. Digital media marketing has been the sole focus of ZDM since 2007. Shortly after the launch our first Social Radio Network (RacersReunion.com) we learned some very valuable lessons relative to marketing via the internet. With each new launch came  increases in our  knowledge base as we adapted to the evolution of “new” media.

The growing list of ZDM brands created an unmatched content offering to a diversified audience. ZDM Social Radio Networks are social networks entertained by internet music and talk radio. Those networks represent  niche markets of enthusiastic, brand-loyal and passionate followers offering the ability to reach and engage a very targeted interactive audience.

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Managing the growth of ZDM brands required developing expertise in branding, web development, hosting, good web practices, search marketing, and social media engagement. Those capabilities and associated knowledge base  allows ZDM to offer a variety of services to clients who are looking for answers to the internet marketing puzzle.


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