Video Marketing

Video Marketing in Myrtle Beach

Video marketing unleashes the ultimate potential of video engagement . There’s no comparison to the impact of video. We’ve known that since the first television production. Humans are visual by nature, and video stimulates our brain naturally. 90% percent of the information we take in comes to us through our eyes. We process images and video in fractions of a second compared to other types of content that take several seconds to process.

Video Impact Defined

According to Forrester Research watching just 60 seconds of video has the same impact as reading 1.8 millions words of text. According to Brightcove, in 2016, social video content production generated 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Aberdeen confirmed companies using corporate video content enjoyed 41% more web traffic from online searches than non-video content users.

The Challenge

The above numbers do a great job defining the impact of video. So, the challenge is not really engagement. We can rely on the brain’s willingness to consume it as the natural brain food it is. For video impact to be maximized it has to be delivered to those with interest in the subject. Demographic and geographic targeting is many times more effective that shotgunning. Since search algorithms key on text content rather than video content, there has to be an element of text involved for proper video “optimization”. There’s only so much optimization that can be accomplished in the video title, therefore, creative solutions must be applied.


The Solution

Zeus Digital Marketing has proven results with unique and creative video marketing solutions. If your company needs help creating more website traffic, delivering a specific message,  and / or branding your products or services,we can help. We can imagine, create, and deliver your message to those waiting to consume it utilizing the most dynamic, impacting, and consumable medium available….video.




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