Objective: Transforming audience receptivity and digital experience through captured moments, photography, and video. Creating and promoting content to be used in present and future marketing campaigns. 

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With many different services to offer, please keep in mind that any needs/wants may be added or taken away. This proposal encompasses what our team feels will have the best possible outcome for the New Year’s Eve event. 

Professional Video

Shoot and edit New Year’s Eve event to create a professional 90 sec. re-cap commercial that can used in future and present campaigns. Video is, by far, the most-powerful type of media in regards to reach and results. The finished video can also be broken down into clips, which are ideal for social media and online marketing. Full-access and rights to the video and footage will be given. We hold zero content hostage. 


Professional Photography

Two photographers with state-of-the-art equipment to cover  the entire event- capturing moments, fireworks, and the essence of what Market Common has to offer.


Live Streams to Large Platform

Our team owns and manages large, active social media followings. One of our broadcasters will live stream the event experience to a relative platform. That content will then be cycled through other relating channels. 

Why our team rocks

Our Latest Work

Included are shots from last year’s photography, as well as examples of video and a live stream that received a healthy amount of organic views.

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