News Releases

Within today’s internet driven media, the tried and true press release is alive and doing quite well. Print on the internet is one of the most effective means of spreading news if properly formatted and placed.

There is perhaps no better way to deliver your message to the web than via an online news release.

Writing and formatting the message you want to deliver is an art that requires diligent thought, research, and experience. Every aspect of an online news release is critical and will determine whether or not the release is picked up by targeted media. Being able to have the press release properly distributed requires an in depth knowledge of search marketing as well as the craft of writing a great release.

The beauty of this tool lies in the fact that many traditional print entities utilize web releases for their content. A well-placed online news release can generate tens of thousands of headline impressions while being distributed by offline and online print media.

Zeus Digital Marketing can deliver your product, business, or event news to the world of print media with astounding and measurable results.

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