Media Production

Media content has become somewhat of a necessity for attracting today’s web surfers. Competition for time and attention is intense, and anything form of media that allows a website visitor to listen or watch has proven to be beneficial for retention and conversion. At Zeus Digital, we produce thousands of audio and video files for our clients annually.

Video is with a doubt the most impacting form of media one can use. There’s never been a more powerful way to deliver a message than visually. An engaging video component can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion. Perhaps the most significant change in video consumption relates to the aforementioned competition for attention. Not so long ago, ten minute videos (if not longer) were commonplace. Nowadays one minute is considered too much in most cases. We’re seeing more and more ten, fifteen, and thirty second videos. Getting your message in such a short burst can be extremely challenging. There’s no room for fluff. The message has to be to the point and immediately engaging.

Podcasts have become a very popular way to deliver a message. They are especially useful as downloads for listening while driving or in other situations where watching video is not possible.  It’s pretty easy to host audio files on most website platforms. But, care should be given to the length of the podcast. Gone are the days of folks listening to one and two hour radio shows or podcasts. The average is more like 10 minutes, and only if the content is engaging.

If you would like to add a video or audio component to your website or presentation, reach out to us HERE. Our in-house Zeus Radio studios include full recording and broadcast capabilities, and our Zeus TV /video studio is complete with a floor-to-ceiling green screen for virtual sets.