Benefits of Social Media Marketing

We’ve heard the term over and over again. Social Media.

Some of us absolutely cringe at the thought of it, and others start shaking from mere excitement and addiction. Instead of stalking old relatives and friends, what’s all the hype? Are there truly any benefits to social media marketing for businesses?

We’re going to break our views down for you in a few bullet points. Our team has spent years of trial and error with social media and marketing. We know what works, and just as importantly, we know what doesn’t.

  • Large Percentage of the Population has Social Media of some Kind:

Truth be told, this is a simple fact. It’s been estimated that 81% of the U.S. population has some type of social networking account. Due to this knowledge, it is vital that a business is present where the people are. In 2018, that place is online. Now, just creating an account on social media for your business is not considered successful digital marketing. A business owner must ask themselves, how do I target and where do I target users on this platform?  Social media marketing does just that. By combining the knowledge of targeting, online tags and trends, software usage, and user engagement, a successful marketing agency can place your social media presence in front of eyes that are either interested or in need. Otherwise, posting on a social media account with zero direction is equivalent to screaming in a dark room. Without marketing and being strategic with your accounts, you will not reap the benefits that authentic social media marketing can bring to your business.

  • Creativity and Personality

There is a common missing piece to a business’s social media account that Zeus Digital Marketing has seen time and time again. The general public does not want to be sold to, and the general public is not logging onto their account to be amused by newspaper ads that have been uploaded online. Static, unentertaining content on a business’s social media makes it incredibly hard to win over the minds of app-addicts. If you want your business to stand out and those who see your account online profile to convert to profit, then you must genuinely give the viewer something to gain. Entertainment. Laughter. Prizes. Never invest in an agency that does not reflect creativity. Content quality runs hand in hand with social media marketing. If your marketing agency cannot produce this content, then your business will be losing an essential piece to its online presence.

  • Your Company has a Better Chance at being Found

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a recipe, nearby restaurant, or pet groomers, the internet has been a powerful resource for knowledge. Instead of wasting time or risking satisfaction, consumers are investing in time to search and feel out the business they plan to visit in the future. If you’re in the medical field, they’re looking for credibility and reviews. If you’re in the restaurant business, they want to see pictures and what people have to say about their dining experience. If you sell shoes, the consumer wants to know if you have the shoe they’re looking for. All this can be simply answered by typing in one’s phone. In return, the probability of your business showing up when someone searches for something specific is solely based on your online activity and presence. If your business has no online or social media presence, then the chance to win those searching customers is zero.