AdVenture is the name given to a unique brand of marketing utilized in the Zeus Digital Marketing digital communications and interactive platforms. Hear It…See It…Click It best describes the action that makes this brand of marketing so efficient and effective.

In most traditional advertising models the target is rarely in a position to act upon hearing a radio spot, seeing a television commercial, or reading a print ad. The inability to act while the idea is fresh normally results in a loss of effective advertising known as transfer loss. Zeus Digital Marketing places hyper-linked banner display ads on all their social media platforms that air web TV and radio. Anyone who hears or sees an ad has the ability to act immediately by clicking the associated banner display ad. Hear it, See it, Click it….get it? With AdVenture there is zero transfer loss!

AdVenture Marketing is a product of Zeus Digital Marketing. Hear It…See It…Click It!

AdVenture combined with a well-designed search marketing campaign will provide and effective and very efficient result. There is no need to shotgun a gazillion ads in hopes of having a few land near the target. Hit your target every time with AdVenture!

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